Leah Behr: About Me

About Me

Realtor + wife, living in CO. I strive to show you that good style can be attainable and provide tips on living my best life, so that you can live yours. 

Leah has been featured on The Stylelist at New York Fashion Week, and in InStyle Magazine’s December issue. 

Aside from running a successful blog, Leah also manages a full time real estate career. When not working on those, she can be found spending time with her husband, two dogs (@kygoandbernard), usually with a good glass of red wine in hand.



  1. Hi! I just popped by your blog when I saw the link about J's and your mint skinnies! Super cute by the way...
    I LOVE the title of your blog! I write a food blog, www.brittanyspantry.blogspot.com, but yours encompasses my loves as well! Um...I am working on the fashion part! Three little kiddos takes its toll but 'J' and Wendy's Lookbook and Marionberry Style are pulling me out of the rut!!
    P.S. I love the quotes on this page by Ghandi and Brooks! Word up!! :)

    1. Thank you, Brittany! I will follow your food blog! I'm not sure if I'm in love more with fashion or food, or if I'm just caught in a bizarre love triangle with the two ;) I just started this blog a few months ago and it's been so fun and really added so much to my life that I did not anticipate. I'll check out your blog and if I whip up one of your recipes I'll be sure you shout you out!

    2. Awesome! Thanks Leah! Also, your abs look fabulous. Mine are...umm...not. :)

  2. From your about me section, it sounds like we have a fair amount in common. My hubby and I got married in August of 2013, and I love Jesus and fashion as well. By the way- love your ring!

  3. Your about me is the coolest. Can't wait to read more. Nothing more cool than loving Jesus and givin' God the glory!!!

    -Elicia @lifesajournee.com

  4. I just found you from Erin over at Living in Yellow! I'll be checking back for sure. I love your style.. and a prayer request tab!?! How sweet is that!?


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  6. Beautiful blog Leah and I love the prayer request form. :) Many blessings to you and your hubs. XO


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